Eileen Browne - Fun with Handa

Pre-schools and schools are invited to this online event with award-winning author and illustrator Eileen Browne, the creator of Handa's Surprise, Handa's Hen and Handa's Noisy Night, as well as many other titles. Eileen's online events are lively, fun and perfect for 3-7 year olds. There will be story-telling, plus music and movement for everyone to join in. Children will see how picture books are printed; and find out where Handa lives.

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Wednesday 19th October, 10.30 am 


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Paul was an excellent interviewer, and I loved the format. Great audience, acoustics...

Tracy Chevalier
Feedback From 2015 Festival

I really enjoyed this year's festival and all the extra work that must have been involved was greatly appreciated. Looking foward to next year already.

Sue Baker
Feedback From 2021 Festival

I enjoyed my festival event in Dorchester very much. What a friendly welcome the audience gave me! Good luck with future festivals -- and well done.

Val McDermid
Feedback From 2017 Festival

Thanks again for organising a lovely event.

Dave Goulson
Feedback From 2017 Festival

My wife and I really enjoyed our first visit to DLF to hear Henry Bloefeld. Having looked through the programme further we wished we should have chosen more, but at least we shall try to get the books via the Library. Looking forward to seeing next year’s programme.

Heather and Bryan Edwards
Feedback From 2017 Festival

Congratulations to the whole Lit Fest team. I am glad it has been such a well-deserved success! The huge effort put into it is very clear to see, it is great when that is acknowledged and rewarded! We have been very happy to host the event -we are all very proud to be involved with the Lit Fest...

Garry Batt, Duke's
Feedback From 2016 Festival

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