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As a renowned bush craft and survival expert, Ray Mears' life's work has been spent travelling the globe, communing with nature, observing animal behaviour and learning primitive life skills. In We Are Nature, Ray gathers together both his incredible lived experience and extensive practical knowledge of the outdoors into a compelling and enchanting narrative, telling us stories of the forest, the Arctic, the deserts and the oceans and their myriad inhabitants. He brings us face to face with the creatures who share our planet, and shows the innumerable ways we can learn from them; from the stealth of the leopard, the stillness of the crocodile, the intense stare of a wolf to the remarkable camouflage skills of the octopus. Looking at various aspects of nature predominantly through the senses – smells, tastes, sights – Ray uses captivating storytelling to show us his most profound experiences with nature. “I do not travel in wild places to challenge myself or to conquer nature. I travel there to better understand nature, to gain physical and spiritual enrichment.” We Are Nature is a love letter to the natural world, looking at the ways in which nature affects us and how we affect it in turn. Including beautiful descriptions of the natural world along with thrilling tales of his remarkable adventures, Ray will encourage us to appreciate the beauty of nature, to better understand it and to reconnect with it, inspiring readers to protect the natural landscape and its inhabitants. With Ray as your guide, you will discard the claustrophobic blinkers of modern life, and a new, rich and unseen world will open up around you.


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Saturday 15th October, 6.00pm


Dorford Centre, Bridport Road

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Adults: £10.00


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I had a lovely time...Prue (Leith)  is the type of person I want to be when I grow up!

Steve Harris
Feedback From 2019 Festival

Paul was an excellent interviewer, and I loved the format. Great audience, acoustics...

Tracy Chevalier
Feedback From 2015 Festival

Thank you both for another great year of literary treats. My favourite all time guest is still Baroness Prue Leith! What an honour that was.

Katy Wall
Feedback From 2021 Festival

Thanks so much...it certainly was good fun.

Adam Nicolson
Feedback From 2019 Festival

I thought the event was well organised and the ticket price was right, so well done to everyone.

Pamela Mann
Feedback From 2021 Festival

On behalf of everyone at People First Dorset, I'd like to say a huge thank you for all your support...we've all loved being part of the. Festival.

Laura Kerr
Feedback From 2019 Festival

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