Laura Jane Clark - The Handbook of Home Design

Award-winning architect Laura Jane Clark brings you inspiring architectural ideas and design solutions for updating your home without breaking the bank.

 The new book from the Your Home Made Perfect star

In this era of 'don't move, improve' and 'buy old not new', many people's homes have adapted to changing circumstances and tightening budgets. But to Laura Jane Clark, this doesn't mean you have to compromise. Whether you're longing for an extension to bring in light or trying to find a better use for neglected nooks and crannies, The Handbook of Home Design offers room plans, case studies and practical tips to regenerate and revitalise the place you call home, all without breaking the bank. Sprinkled in are anecdotes from Laura's career, covering common and unusual interior design cases, including a house that needed an economical kitchen for a multi-generational family and a single-storey home that required stairless access.

Laura Jane Clark's essential guide to modern interior design perfectly complements your budget, style and space, all for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Packed with architectural solutions and designs, this book will guide you on how to best optimise the spaces in your home without spending a fortune.

Laura Jane Clark is an architect and designer specializing in innovative renovations and new builds in a domestic setting. She is the architect presenter on BBC2's Your Home Made Perfect and has appeared regularly on C4's George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. In June 2020 she set up @sirensister, a diverse network of female architects, interior designers, stylists, horticulturalists, photographers and consultants for the TV, film and media industries.

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Dorford Centre, Bridport Road

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Tickets will be on sale from 30th August.

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Thanks for the invitation to Dorchester- most enjoyable (and an appreciative audience) with the added bonus of meeting Lynne Truss!

James Le Fanu
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It was great to have the festival back. Very well organised and with a good range of speakers with wide appeal.

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This was an excellent festival, very well run from ordering tickets on. The quality of speaker was outstanding and the venue at Dorford Centre comfortable and well Covid organised. More of the same please.

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Paul was an excellent interviewer, and I loved the format. Great audience, acoustics...

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The tenor of the festival was a delight and a credit to the small band of organisers. 

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The event I attended - Brian Patten - was excellent. I thought the format made for a very interesting session: better than just a talk.

My stand out event would have to be Prof Tony Redmond with Kate Adie - could have listened for another hour.

We'd like to say 'thank you' to everyone involved. We were very impressed with the arrangements, the quality of the speakers and the refreshments provided at the hall. We look forward to next year.

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