Keith Brymer-Jones - Boy in a China Shop

Ballet dancer. Front man in an almost famous band. Judge on The Great Pottery Throwdown. How did all that happen?

In his first memoir, Boy in a China Shop, Keith reveals how he went from a North London boyhood to a global success. But this book is about so much more than pottery. It’s about a boy who was given a lump of clay and overcame adversity through hard work, skill and determination. Keith speaks candidly, and with warmth, about his formative experiences, including training as a ballet dancer and leading an almost famous rock band, but also about how dyslexia impacted on his early years. All until a sympathetic art teacher intervened and changed everything... For years he worked long hours as a ‘clay boy’ at Harefield Pottery to learn his craft, before setting up his own business. But his big break came when Heals took a range of his hand-thrown pottery and he’s never looked back. His emotional connection to the clay and his work has been a constant from the beginning and sits at the centre of this inspirational story, told through a series of chapters centred around meaningful items. Unsurprisingly, most are pots.

Boy in a China Shop is a story about how our lived experiences shape the people we become, how we all have a story, and ultimately, it is as satisfying as one of Keith's world famous pots.

Listing Details

Friday 21st October, 2.00pm


Dorford Centre, Bridport Road

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Adults: £10.00


Tickets will be on sale from 30th August.

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