Simon Jenkins - The Celts

Hugely important to the history of the British Isles yet commonly misunderstood and neglected by contemporary audiences, the story of the Celts is finally told in a coherent and engaging fashion by the bestselling author of A Short History of England.

One of the most enigmatic yet prolific civilisations of Ancient Britain, the Celtic people remain a source of mystery even to their modern-day descendants. Remnants of their language and culture are still alive throughout parts of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall; however, while there have been many histories of individual Celtic nations, there have been none as a collective phenomenon.

Often seen as fragmented adjuncts to English history, in The Celts Simon Jenkins offers a compelling counterargument, examining the impact of the Celts on what we know as the UK today. This is a fascinating and timely debate on who the Celts really were - or weren't - and what should be their future in an increasingly dis-United Kingdom.

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Saturday 15th October, 4.00pm


Dorford Centre, Bridport Road

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Adults: £10.00


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On behalf of everyone at People First Dorset, I'd like to say a huge thank you for all your support...we've all loved being part of the. Festival.

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Thank you so much for having me, it was so kind of you and such a wonderful event! I am so thrilled with the audience response and all the signing.

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Paul was an excellent interviewer, and I loved the format. Great audience, acoustics...

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I really enjoyed this year's festival and all the extra work that must have been involved was greatly appreciated. Looking foward to next year already.

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My wife and I really enjoyed our first visit to DLF to hear Henry Bloefeld. Having looked through the programme further we wished we should have chosen more, but at least we shall try to get the books via the Library. Looking forward to seeing next year’s programme.

Heather and Bryan Edwards
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