Graeme Hall All Dogs Great and Small 

What I've learned training dogs

Have you ever wished you could get the dog in your life to behave better?

From the Great Dane scared of a chihuahua and the Labrador that barked whenever his owners tried to eat, to the schoolboy error that landed him in hospital, in All Dogs Great and Small, Graeme shares some of his hard-won, often hilarious, success stories (as well as the odd disaster). Backed up by scientific research, he also reveals his simple, practical and effective golden rules for dog training, which will enable you to understand your dog, help you drive better behaviours and give you the tools to bring much-needed harmony to your home.

Graeme grew up in a Yorkshire market town. He went to University in Hull. He set off one sunny day in 1987 with his worldly possessions zipiped into an old MG Midget to make his fortune Down South. Graeme ended up in Northants where he lived happily for 25 years. He didn't make a fortune, but he did make a lot of breakfast cereal, as a manager in the food industry.

Leaving, he followed his passion for dogs and set up Dogfather Training in 2008. Graeme developed his own way of doing things which struck a chord with owners. Soon he was working around the UK, sometimes abroad. 5000 Dogs later TV producers called. Since then his show Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly has aired around the world. 

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Saturday 16th October, 4.00pm


Dorford Centre, Bridport Road

Ticket Prices

Adults: £10.00


Tickets will be on sale from 26th August.

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Helen Austin
Feedback From 2017 Festival

Thanks for the invitation to Dorchester- most enjoyable (and an appreciative audience) with the added bonus of meeting Lynne Truss!

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I had a lovely time...Prue (Leith)  is the type of person I want to be when I grow up!

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I enjoyed my visit to Dorchester tremendously and I was touched by both the enthusiasm of the audience and by the warm generosity of you and your team.

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Thank you so much for having me, it was so kind of you and such a wonderful event! I am so thrilled with the audience response and all the signing.

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 I very much enjoyed the whole occasion, and want to thank you for all your hospitality.

Jamie McKendrick
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