Tom Fort Casting Shadows 

Fish and Fishing in Britain

The history of freshwater fishing is long indeed.


First, it was discovered as a bountiful source of sustenance. Since prehistoric times man has exploited the rich food source available in lakes, rivers, estuaries, burns, lochs, ponds and brooks. He trapped, netted, speared, noosed, stunned, tickled and lured every species of fish to be found.  Next, the need to fish became a business and the fish, a trading commodity.  Soon after, this business gave birth to a desire to pursue, outwit and catch fish for the pleasure of it. And so angling was born.


In Casting Shadows angling expert Tom Fort explores the secret, silent world of the freshwater fish of Britain and the art and industry of fishing in our rivers and streams.  From cunning Neolithic traps and intricate Roman nets to the evolution of angling and eventual gentrification of river access, this history spans thousands of years.


Woven through the narrative are the lives of the fish themselves, from the extraordinary struggles of the Atlantic salmon to the secretive eel, from the lean and camouflaged predator pike to the stately carp. Fort also assesses the dangers facing many species and water environments with a poignant call to protect the underwater world from the horrors of industrial fishing and farming.





Tom Fort is a lifelong fisherman. With his love of the sport there grew a profound curiosity about the lives and habits of fish and their world. As a fishing correspondent for the Financial Times, he has written a huge amount not just about fishing, but the places fish live. He has travelled all over the world to pursue this fascination. His landmark The Book of Eels the biology and life cycle of the eel and the people who fished and fish for them.


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2.00pm Wednesday 13th October 2021


The Dorford Centre

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Adults: £10.00


Tickets will be on sale from 26th August.

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