Carmen Callil Oh Happy Day

In this remarkable book, writer and founder of Virago Press Carmen Callil unearths the story of her British ancestors, beginning with her great-great-grandmother Sary Lacey.

Born illegitimate in 1808, Sary was an impoverished stocking frame worker in Leicestershire. Through detailed research, we follow Sary from slum to tenement and from pregnancy to pregnancy. We also meet George Conquest, a canal worker, sentenced to seven years’ transportation to Australia for stealing a piece of hemp - and then faced with the extraordinary brutality of convict life. In Lincolnshire we meet Mary Ann and John Brooks, skivvies and silversmiths. Their lives travers workhouses, gaols, pregnancies and villainies – and escape across the seas. But for George, as for so many destitute and disenfranchised British people like him, Australia turns out to be his Happy Day. He survives, prospers and eventually returns to England, where he meets Sary again, after nearly thirty years. He brings her out to Australia, and they are never parted again.

Carmen Callil not only reclaims her ancestors from obscurity but draws telling parallels for our own times in this moving story of poverty, entitlement, injustice, empire and migration. 

Listing Details

Friday 16th October 2.30pm


Dorford Centre, Bridport Road

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Adults: £10.00


Tickets will be on sale from 26th August.

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I SO enjoyed yesterday. It was a real pleasure to meet you all and what a lovely festival, lovely venue and lovely audience. And Jason was just brilliant. Thank you very, very much for inviting me.

Penny Junor
Feedback From 2017 Festival

My wife and I really enjoyed our first visit to DLF to hear Henry Bloefeld. Having looked through the programme further we wished we should have chosen more, but at least we shall try to get the books via the Library. Looking forward to seeing next year’s programme.

Heather and Bryan Edwards
Feedback From 2017 Festival

I loved being part of your festival and would be only to happy to be lined up again.

Vanessa Berridge
Feedback From 2019 Festival

Thanks very much... It was fun and the audience very responsive.

Adam Nicolson
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Thank you very much for such a warm welcome and lovely (huge...) audience...Emma made the whole event such an easy pleasure for me.

Joanna Trollope
Feedback From 2018 Festival

Thank YOU for hosting us so brilliantly on Sunday. Dad and I had a great time and were both really impressed by the very smooth running of your festival. It was a total pleasure being there with you, Helen, and the team. Congrats to all concerned on a job well done. It was fun to be a part of it.

Ben Holden
Feedback From 2016 Festival

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