Alexander McCall Smith To The Land of Long Lost Friends

Prolific internationally best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith has  written more than 80 books which have been translated into 46 languages  and sold over 25 million copies world wide. He joins us to talk about his four recent publications:

To The Land of Long Lost Friends (Number 1 Detective Agency series, book 20)

The Peppermint Tea Chronicles (44 Scotland Street series, book 13)

The Second Worst Restaurant in France (Sequel to My Italian Bulldozer)

The Department of Sensitive Crimes (First in a new series, The Detctive Varg Mysteries)

Alexander McCall Smith will talk about his writing career in conversation with Al Senter


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Saturday 12th October, 6.00pm



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Thank you for asking me to take part in the Hardy Today event. I enjoyed it very much.

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I sip my Dorset tea and just wanted to say thanks so much for the invitation to the lit fest - I thoroughly enjoyed it...

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