A Walk Around Thomas Hardy's Dorchester and Fordington

An entertaining and informative walk guided by Dr Tony Fincham, Chairman of the Thomas Hardy Society (author of Hardy’s Landscape Revisited & Exploring Thomas Hardy’s Wessex) and Mark Chutter, Head of English at The Dorset Studio School, Kingston Mauward.


Meet at the Town Pump at Cornhill (Top end of South Street) for an exploration of the Eastern half of Hardy’s Dorchester and the adjoining Parish of Fordington 


The walk will visit all the main sites associated with Hardy’s Life, his Novels and his Poetry. A gentle stroll, peppered with plentiful anecdotes plus citations from Hardy’s fiction and verse. Duration: approximately two hours.

Listing Details

Sunday 20th October, 9.30 am


meet at Town Pump (top of South Street)

Ticket Prices

Adults: £10.00


Sorry Fully Booked

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This Year's Events


All of us in the Hardy Society were very positive about 'our' first night and the subsequent events. I thought Tony's event with Rachel and Dinah worked very well with interesting conversations from the both of the women.

You and Paul must be very happy with the positive way Dorchester people are continuing to embrace the Festival, and in impressively increasing numbers. Congratulations to both of you.

Next year's dates are already in our diaries and we are looking forward to meeting up with you soon to discuss our involvement.

Mike Nixon, Thomas Hardy Society
Feedback From 2016 Festival

Thank you very much for having me to the festival and making me feel so welcome.

James Macdonald Lockhart
Feedback From 2016 Festival

I sip my Dorset tea and just wanted to say thanks so much for the invitation to the lit fest - I thoroughly enjoyed it...

Rob Ryan
Feedback From 2015 Festival

It was much appreciated that you included Victoria Hislop in this year's festival. As always she was charming and entertaining.

Christine Savill
Feedback From 2016 Festival

Paul was an excellent interviewer, and I loved the format. Great audience, acoustics...

Tracy Chevalier
Feedback From 2015 Festival

Congratulations to the whole Lit Fest team. I am glad it has been such a well-deserved success! The huge effort put into it is very clear to see, it is great when that is acknowledged and rewarded! We have been very happy to host the event -we are all very proud to be involved with the Lit Fest...

Garry Batt, Duke's
Feedback From 2016 Festival

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