Oliver Morton  The Moon - A Past and Future History

Every Generation has looked towards the heavens and wondered at the beauty of the moon. Fifty years ago, Americans became the first to do the reverse - and earth-bound audiences shared their view of their own planet.

In his wide-ranging book, Oliver Morton explores the history and future of humankind's relationship with the moon. For some, it is a future on which humankind has turned its back. For others, it's an adventure yet to begin. From early astronomers such as Galileo, through the first space flights, Morton anticipates the next phase of our interaction with the moon as a portal to deeper exploration of space.

Advanced technology, new ambtions and old dreams mean that men, women and robots now seem certain to return to the moon. What will they learn there about the universe, the earth and themselves - and this time will they stay?

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Friday 18th October 10.00am


Dorford Centre

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Adults: £10.00


Tickets will be on sale from 26th August.

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I very much enjoyed giving my talk and meeting you and all your colleagues. I can think of no way you could have been more accommodating. 

John Wright
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I had a wonderful time in Dorchester. Very best wishes, Tom.

Thomas Williams
Feedback From 2017 Festival

I SO enjoyed yesterday. It was a real pleasure to meet you all and what a lovely festival, lovely venue and lovely audience. And Jason was just brilliant. Thank you very, very much for inviting me.

Penny Junor
Feedback From 2017 Festival

Kate Adie's Desert Island Books was thoroughly enjoyable! I had no idea she was (a) so glamorous and (b) so delightfully funny.

Sue Slater
Feedback From 2016 Festival

Thank you for asking me to take part in the Hardy Today event. I enjoyed it very much.

Virginia Astley
Feedback From 2017 Festival

...Enjoyable, engaging, enthralling...

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