This event has been cancelled Linda Geddes Chasing the Sun

How the Science of Sunlight Shapes our Bodies and Minds

The full story of how our relationship with the sun shapes our health, productivity and mood.

The Sun is central to humankind. Our ancestors constructed vast monuments to keep track of it and it has always dictated our daily patterns of eating, sleeping and activity as well as our culture and belief systems. 

Bursting with original research, Chasing the Sun tells the story of our complex relationship with the sun, from the emergence of life to the modern day, asking us to rethink the sun's significance and showing us how it helps improve our health, sleep and productivity. 

Linda Geddes is a science journalist who specialises in biology, medicine and technology. She has worked as an editor and reporter for New Scientist Magazine, and won numerous awards for her journalism

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Wednesday 16th October 2.00pm


Dorford Centre, Bridport Road


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I did so enjoy being with you and doing my stuff. I hope to see you again, though I am so busy I don't seem to have time for writing much at present! I am
sure your festival will go from strength to strength….

Daphne Selfe
Feedback From 2016 Festival

Congratulations to the whole Lit Fest team. I am glad it has been such a well-deserved success! The huge effort put into it is very clear to see, it is great when that is acknowledged and rewarded! We have been very happy to host the event -we are all very proud to be involved with the Lit Fest...

Garry Batt, Duke's
Feedback From 2016 Festival

 I very much enjoyed the whole occasion, and want to thank you for all your hospitality.

Jamie McKendrick
Feedback From 2017 Festival

I don't think you could improve on the experience! Good luck with your plans for 2017 and I wish you all the very best.

John Challis
Feedback From 2016 Festival

I very much enjoyed giving my talk and meeting you and all your colleagues. I can think of no way you could have been more accommodating. 

John Wright
Feedback From 2016 Festival

William and I had a very interesting and often hilarious time putting (our presentation) together – fortunately we both wanted to be thoroughly prepared, so we refined and refined… we enjoyed ourselves, aided and abetted by the helpfulness of you and yours behind the scenes, the warmth of the audience, and the pleasantness of the setting. Speaking at your festival was an altogether happy experience. I only wish I had managed to organise listening to many of the other talks, which I really wanted to do… Many congratulations to you and all your team, and all wishes for Festival no. 3!

Penrose Halson
Feedback From 2016 Festival

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