Below are some of the images taken during 2016's fantastic Literary Festival. 

The Festival Charity for 2017 is

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Cancellation: Amanda Craig and Jane Corry In Conversation with Judi Spiers

Unfortunately the Amanda Craig, Jane Corry panel event has been cancelled...


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  • Rob Penn with Helen Mockridge and Paul Atterbury
  • Helen Rappaport book signing
  • Packed hall at Dorset County Museum
  • Dr Julia Shaw signing The Memory Illusion
  • Rachel Joyce and Dinah Jefferies
  • DLF Car, Sponsored by BMW Westerly
  • James Macdonald Lockhart
  • John Challis and Steve Harris
  • Minette Walters and Anne Cleeves
  • Victoria Hislop and Steve Harris
  • Ben and Anthony Holden with Stephanie Dale and Sue
  • Daphne Selfe and Lucy Ambache
  • Tony Fincham, Rachel Joyce and Dinah Jefferies
  • Hall at Dorset County Museum
  • co Directors Paul Atterbury and Janet Gleeson with Sir Tony Robinson
  • Helen Rappaport book signing
  • Lord Dannatt with Helen Mockridge
  • Rosie Johnson and two of her team of volunteers
  • Penrose Halson and William Boyde

This Year's Events


  • Kate Adie's Desert Island Books was thoroughly enjoyable! I had no idea she was (a) so glamorous and (b) so delightfully funny.

    Sue Slater
    Feedback From 2016 Festival

  • Absolute pleasure, thanks for such an enjoyable night. I think having Tony Robinson there promoting his autobiography was a great idea...

    Phil McMullen
    Feedback From 2016 Festival

  • I felt truly privileged to be able to enjoy so many events in your excellent programme...quite sumptuous! Had I been able to, I would have booked every event!

    Evelyn Price
    Feedback From 2016 Festival

  • I thoroughly enjoyed all six events I attended and would have done many more if my time had allowed. Congratulations to all the people involved for a very well organised event. I am most certainly looking forward to next year's events calendar- the dates are already in my diary.

    Andrea Clarke
    Feedback From 2016 Festival

  • Thank YOU for hosting us so brilliantly on Sunday. Dad and I had a great time and were both really impressed by the very smooth running of your festival. It was a total pleasure being there with you, Helen, and the team. Congrats to all concerned on a job well done. It was fun to be a part of it.

    Ben Holden
    Feedback From 2016 Festival

  • William and I had a very interesting and often hilarious time putting (our presentation) together – fortunately we both wanted to be thoroughly prepared, so we refined and refined… we enjoyed ourselves, aided and abetted by the helpfulness of you and yours behind the scenes, the warmth of the audience, and the pleasantness of the setting. Speaking at your festival was an altogether happy experience. I only wish I had managed to organise listening to many of the other talks, which I really wanted to do… Many congratulations to you and all your team, and all wishes for Festival no. 3!

    Penrose Halson
    Feedback From 2016 Festival